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As your local water utility provider, we strive to keep you continually updated on all matters related to your water service. If you do not find the information you need, please contact our office and we will gladly assist you!

Consumer Confidence Report

Your annual Consumer Confidence Report or Drinking Water Quality report will be posted soon.

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Boil Order Lifted

Samples were sent to the Arkansas Department of Health and the results state that there are no contaminants presently in the water so the Precautionary Boil Order has been lifted by Mr. Jason...

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Boil Order

A Precautionary Boil Order has been issued for all connections on County Road 32 West of Hwy 98 and East of County Road 11, also on County Road 11 between County Road 44 and County Road 400. This...

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Cloudy Water

You may have noticed some cloudiness in your water and may be afraid to drink it. We assure you that the water is safe to drink, the reason it is cloudy or milky is due to air being present in the...

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